About Us

Chiaphua Components Group (CCG) represents the sector of high performance electric motors worldwide.

CCG places great emphases on the quality of its products and the customer service it provides. CCG firmly adheres to its policy of continuous improvement and continuing research and product development. Combined with its capabilities in manufacturing, these factors have fueled the rapid growth of the company into one of the leading manufacturers of motion-related products.

CCG products have become the solution of choice which includes a wide range of PMDC motors, brushless DC motors, gearbox motors, armatures, shaded pole motors, universal motors, induction motors, encoder motors, linear actuators, transaxles and controls with high quality standards.

CCG is divided into five different business units represent unique specialty in different market segments:

  • Automotive Motor Team (AMT) develops a series of automotive motors to enhance automotive safety, comfort and energy-saving and to provide high-performance motors to support the movement and control of a variety of automotive electrical equipment.
  • Industrial & Consumer Team (ICT) provides customized motors for various applications for household, industrial and commercial used including home appliances, floor care & HVAC, healthcare & mobility products and industrial products.
  • Contract Manufacturing Team (CMT) specializes in OEM and ODM projects to provide total solutions for our worldwide customers.  CMT’s manufacturing facilities are capable of producing finished motorized products in mobility and floor care markets. Please click www.ccl-solution.com for more information.
  • Branded Product Sales Team (BST) focuses on our own branded-name of motorized products that are designed to improve the quality of our daily lives by providing automated, energy-saving, effective and convenient solutions for residential and commercial markets.  Please click www.homelektro.com for more information.
  • Components Sales Team (CST) is responsible for design and production of components that provide the solutions and technologies within our products.

Supporting these five business units is the Corporate Functions which provides excellent service for the Group.